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breakdowns come and breakdowns go

so what are you gonna do about it that's what I'd like to know

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some blockheaded bracegirdle from hardbottle
about this LJ:
This is the place where I talk about my life. It's not meant to be entertaining, necessarily, it's just a place for me to write about whatever I feel like writing about. I mostly write about: life with IBS, anxiety, depression, and ADHD; raising foster kittens; young adult books.

me things:
name: Sophie
location: Milwaukee's East Side
best roommate ever: treetopbabe
boring job: Shorewood Library
alma mater: Simon's Rock College, B.A. 2003

other things:
anonymous comments: screened by default. please identify yourself if you want your comment to be visible.
a very potter musical, ableism, add, adhd, affectionate parody, anxiety, are you my mummy, attention deficit disorder, attolia, avatar: the last airbender, battlestar galactica, bend it like beckham, bobby goren, bones, books, brittanys, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, castle, cat rescue, cats, children of men, chocolate, chronic illness, civil liberties, civil rights, contra dancing, coupling, crime shows, criminal minds, crossword puzzles, curly hair, dancing, depression, diana wynne jones, disability, discworld, doctor who, dogs, donna noble, downton abbey, eddie izzard, elizabeth rodgers, emetophobia, eugenides, executive functioning problems, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, fiction is not fact, firefly, fostering kittens, freedom of speech, girl talk, good omens, goodreads, gossip girl, great barrington, hark! a vagrant, harry potter, his dark materials, hobbitses, hoodies, horatio hornblower, humane societies, ibs, icons, infp, invisible disabilities, japanese food, john green, kittens, kitties, krazy kat, lady gaga, leverage, libraries, lord of the rings, lotr, luna lovegood, mah roes, mark does stuff, mark oshiro, mark reads, mark verbs, mark watches, master and commander, meditation, megan whalen turner, memes, mental health, merlin, milwaukee, mindfulness, my cat, neko case, occupy wall street, peppermint tea, photography, poverty, psych, psychology, public libraries, public transit, quiltbag, ravenclaw, reading, robyn, rory the roman, rose loves drugs, russ feingold, sandman, satire, simon's rock, simon's rock college, slash, social justice, socialism, soy chai, stephen colbert, suparizonahowyoulikintheraingurl, taxing the rich, tea, ten's god complex, terry pratchett, the colbert report, the daily show, the eleventh doctor, the new pornographers, the ninth doctor, the ponds, tolkien, tumblr, universal health care, veronica mars, we are the 99%, wisconsin, writing, ya, young adult, young adult books

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