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Pushing Daisies 2x08 "Comfort Food"

Not impressed with the resolution of this episode. The rest of it was cute, but...

OK let's talk about this. The guy who ran the comfort food cook-off was in a mobility scooter due to fatness. But they couldn't just have a character who used a mobility scooter, you know, because some people use scooters. No, they had to make him the murderer, and he killed the fried chicken magnate because he was angry that the guy's fried chicken had made him fat. And then they had a joke about him not fitting into the police car after. LOL FAT DISABLED MURDERERS AMIRITE. Side-eyeing you so hard, Pushing Daisies.

Meanwhile Olive is still pining for Ned and it's getting boring. I wish they had brought Homeopathy Guy back. She can sing as much as she wants though, and really they should have her break out into song way more than they do, considering that this is exactly the kind of show where characters break out into song sometimes.

Also, no amount of love for any human being could make me want to bring them back from the dead after they had been decomposing for twenty years. At that point I'm like JUST LEAVE HIM IN THE GROUND TO REST IN PEACE. And he didn't look (or seem to smell) anywhere near as decomposed as he should have been, unless embalming techniques are getting really advanced.

I did like the scene where Ned starts his pie "restaurant" by making pies for the kids at boarding school. He was born to be the Piemaker!

Other good things: There was Beth Grant, and a mention of hobbits with jetpacks. Although I just remembered the "Waffle Nazi" thing and now I'm side-eyeing the show again. Sigh.
Tags: ableism, fat acceptance, pushing daisies, teevee
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