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Skinny should have been called "Needy"

Skinny is such a sweetie. He has more of a need for affection than any cat I've met. Today I held him in my arms like a baby while he purred at me, and he actually fell asleep that way. (Hypatia tolerates being held that way with barely-suppressed rage, no matter what Kate might tell you.) He likes to try and knead on my face and neck while I pet him (ouch claws sharp ouch), and he will knead the air if a surface is not available. He has a lot of love to give, and needs a lot in return.

I feel like that's my main job as a foster caretaker. Food, fresh water, and a clean litter box are all things kitties can get at the Humane Society, but they can't get round-the-clock love, because there are just too many of them. Their life is uncertain and they don't know what will happen to them next. Whereas when I take one home, he is in a stable, loving environment where he can relax. A small room, to be sure, but not as small as the cage he would be in otherwise.

So far, besides demanding that I pet him as much as possible, Skinny enjoys sitting in my windowsill and looking out, entertaining himself by chasing toy mice for hours, and obsessive bug-hunting. He also seems fascinated whenever there's an animated gif on my computer, which makes me wonder about his environment before this one and if he's never seen moving-things-on-screens before. Man, I wish cats could talk just so I could get their stories.

The Pets on Death Row Facebook page is really depressing me right now because there are a ton of kittens set to be euthanized tomorrow, almost all with the reason "too young." Summertime is kitten season and there are so many more born than can ever find homes. PLEASE spay & neuter your cats!

Glad to be doing my part, even if it's with just one kitty.
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